Slides and Swings for Events

Fun is the main element of your event! Kubiko Playgrounds designs and manufactures impressive restaurant or mall playground equipment, but we also bring joy to your events with our exceptional range of slides, swings, and other play options. Weddings, festivals, fairs and congresses… Do you have an event? We have the perfect choice for it. 

Make Your Events More Fun!

Unforgettable memories with elements for unique events.

When our customers discover that at Kubiko Playgrounds, we also give a new dimension to their events, a world of possibilities opens up for them to turn their occasions into overwhelming successes. From custom design to installation, the experience of acquiring slides, swings, and other elements for private events can be as exciting as the event itself. 

Unique slides, swings that defy the laws of physics, and designs that adapt to the characteristics of your most memorable occasions transform a meeting into an actual festival. The magic of Kubiko Playgrounds will be felt in every laugh and every memory of your guests!

Kubiko Playgrounds’ Technology for Your Events

Our play elements for your events have all the technology available. The options seem endless, from the strongest and safest materials to the ability to customise designs or integrate LED lighting systems. Without neglecting, of course, all the quality and safety guarantees that characterise us. 

Elements for Events That Stand Out

Discover how our clients have turned their events into authentic, fun festivals with slides and swings for events, among a vast range of personalised items. Take the plunge and join the list of event organisers committed to having fun on their most special dates. 


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Slides and Swings for Events

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Want to Start Designing Your Kubiko Playground?

You already know the products and elements we use to design our playground equipment. Shall we start shaping your ideas? Transforming your business begins with this message. Go ahead! 

    The Kubiko Playgrounds Philosophy in Commercial Playground Design

    We want to create play areas that bring magic to your business. The spark of innovation and imagination gives life to our children’s playground equipment and, therefore, to your spaces. 

    Since our beginnings, the quality and sustainability of materials and the design and manufacturing processes have been our goal. With this in mind, we can turn dream playgrounds into reality, spaces where customer satisfaction and children’s laughter are our most outstanding recognition. 

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