Indoor Playground Equipment

We don’t build indoor playgrounds – we create worlds where play and technology merge

Playgrounds come to life at the heart of your business. Immerse yourself in our unique indoor playground equipment, designed with creativity, innovation, and fun. Ready to breathe new life into your space? Let’s go! 


Why Do You Need an Indoor Playground Equipment?

Growth and success opportunities that make a difference.

Our indoor playgrounds stand out for the innovation and cutting-edge technology we have developed at Kubiko Playgrounds. Automating elements such as lighting allow you to take the experience to the next level, while air conditioning ensures a pleasant gaming environment all year round. 

Thanks to the Kubiko Glass Silencie System technology, we offer exceptional soundproofing of -38 dB. In other words: more play, less noise, superior customer satisfaction. 

Are you concerned about the aesthetics and image of your business? The customization of indoor playgrounds is not a problem. Our design team will adapt every detail to your visual identity to seamlessly integrate your new playground into the environment. Shall we play? 

Technologies That Make a Difference

At Kubiko Playgrounds, we offer you our own technologies that take your business to the next level.

At Kubiko Playgrounds, quality is synonymous with durability. The materials of our indoor playground equipment exceed the highest quality standards, ensuring not only fun but also safety throughout the entire lifespan. We adapt each of our structures to the available space, thus obtaining a perfect symbiosis with the design of your establishment. 

From conception to installation and maintenance, we are committed to making your dreams come true in every corner of our structures. Using technologies that make your new indoor playground an attraction for you and your customers: resistant and sustainable materials, automation technologies for essential functions, air conditioning to enjoy the game 365 days a year, transparent materials for clear vision and greater safety, antibacterial coatings, soundproofing technologies and much more. 

The Best for Your Indoor Playground

From your idea conception to routine maintenance checks in your playgrounds, through design, manufacturing, and installation, Kubiko Playgrounds’ commitment is always to excellence. 

Shall We Talk?

Want to Start Designing Your Kubiko Playground?

You already know the products and elements we use to design our playground equipment. Shall we start shaping your ideas? Transforming your business begins with this message. Go ahead! 

    The Kubiko Playgrounds Philosophy in Commercial Playground Design

    We want to create play areas that bring magic to your business. The spark of innovation and imagination gives life to our children’s playground equipment and, therefore, to your spaces. 

    Since our beginnings, the quality and sustainability of materials and the design and manufacturing processes have been our goals. With this in mind, we can turn dream playgrounds into reality, spaces where customer satisfaction and children’s laughter are our most outstanding recognition.

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