Outdoor Playground Equipment

Push the boundaries of fun with our outdoor playgrounds.

When discussing outdoor playground equipment, it seems we refer to amazing parks from outer space. Indeed, Kubiko Playgrounds equipment appears to be from another planet! Get ready to discover a universe of outdoor excitement where technology and fun merge to create cosmic experiences.

Are Outdoor Playgrounds Made for You?

Outdoor playground equipment brings your space into a new dimension.

In short, yes. The explanation is that Kubiko Playgrounds works hard to make it happen. No matter your business or space, we always make the most of the available area and adapt the aesthetics so everything goes smoothly. 

Using the latest technologies in designing, manufacturing, and installing outdoor playgrounds, we create play areas that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. 

Panels that keep transparency for better lighting and visibility of the interior. Coatings with UV protection and waterproofing so that the durability of your investment reaches stratospheric levels. The possibility of air conditioning, lighting, and automating many functions will make a difference for you and your users. 

Safety and Security 365 Days a Year

When we talk about outdoor playgrounds, it is expected to have doubts about their durability and maintenance. At Kubiko Playgrounds, we care about these aspects and have found unique solutions to any unforeseen event.

Because we care about sustainability, making our playgrounds withstand the passage of time effortlessly is our goal. Your investment will be protected for many years by using waterproof materials resistant to degradation due to exposure to inclement weather. In addition, our maintenance service allows you to enjoy like-new playground equipment year after year. 

Technologies in Our Outdoor Playground Equipment

Technologies that protect your investment provide hours and hours of play despite the rain, snow, or sunshine. 

Shall We Talk?

Want to Start Designing Your Kubiko Playground?

You already know the products and elements we use to design our playground equipment. Shall we start shaping your ideas? Transforming your business begins with this message. Go ahead! 

    The Kubiko Playgrounds Philosophy in Commercial Playground Design

    We want to create play areas that bring magic to your business. The spark of innovation and imagination gives life to our children’s playground equipment and, therefore, to your spaces. 

    Since our beginnings, the quality and sustainability of materials and the design and manufacturing processes have been our goals. With this in mind, we can turn dream playgrounds into reality, spaces where customer satisfaction and children’s laughter are our most outstanding recognition.

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