Mall Playground Equipment

Fun and excitement create unique experiences that transform shopping routines into moments to remember as a family. We offer you play areas and help you create magical destinations that add that special touch to the shopping experience. Immerse yourself in a universe of colours, laughter, and discovery as we explore how our playgrounds can turn your mall into a place full of energy. Shall we begin? 

Vibrant Commercial Centres with Custom Playgrounds

Fun and shopping in perfect harmony.

Imagine a vibrant mall where the bustle of shopping and children’s laughter intertwine in harmony. By installing Kubiko Playgrounds’ mall playground equipment, you are not only creating a space for play but also significantly increasing visits to your mall. A meeting point for families who find extra reasons to choose your point of sale as their preferred destination. 

At the heart of this strategy is the idea of differentiation. With a mall playground, we give your business a unique appeal. A distinctive touch that will not only position you as a leader in the offer of family experiences but also in the optimistic vision that customers have of your centre. 

Technology for Mall Playground Equipment

Transform your mall into a vibrant destination for the whole family with a state-of-the-art playground. We can equip all our play units with soundproofing, air conditioning, and weather-resistant materials. The soundproofing maintains a quiet atmosphere, the air conditioning ensures comfort throughout the year, and the weather resistance guarantees the durability of your investment. We help you turn your shopping centre into a benchmark for innovation and modernity. 

Playgrounds for Commercial Centres That Stand Out

Explore how we can transform commercial centres into attractive destinations for the whole family, helping to build customer loyalty and attract new users. 


Commercial Centres and Malls

Public Spaces

Slides and Swings for Events

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Want to Start Designing Your Kubiko Playground?

You already know the products and elements we use to design our playground equipment. Shall we start shaping your ideas? Transforming your business begins with this message. Go ahead! 

    The Kubiko Playgrounds Philosophy in Commercial Playground Design

    We want to create play areas that bring magic to your business. The spark of innovation and imagination gives life to our children’s playground equipment and, therefore, to your spaces. 

    Since our beginnings, the quality and sustainability of materials and the design and manufacturing processes have been our goals. With this in mind, we can turn dream playgrounds into reality, spaces where customer satisfaction and children’s laughter are our most outstanding recognition. 

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