Fun and Quality in Equal Parts

At Kubiko Playgrounds, we stand out for the fun we provide and our firm dedication to achieving superior quality levels in each project we tackle. A proven system of design, manufacture, and installation that guarantees quality results approved to the most demanding standards in the sector. Because quality should not be a promise but a commitment rooted in the essence of what we do. 

Quality Drives Us

Quality drives us in each of the decisions we make. From the choice of materials to the manufacturing process, we work to exceed your expectations. Each item and product in our commercial playground equipment catalogue undergoes extensive tests that allow us to guarantee its durability, strength, and safety. All this is also supported by certifications that reflect our commitment to the highest standards in the industry. 

But the quality at Kubiko Playgrounds goes beyond the merely tangible. We strive to be synonymous with attention to detail, constant innovation, and a passion for the perfect job. The result is a product that is not just a structure to play in but an experience that stays in memory. 

Kubiko Playgrounds’ Quality Seal

The foundations of the Kubiko Playgrounds DNA are testimonials and commitments to the quality of our processes and products. From the choice of materials to the development and application of cutting-edge technologies to the ability to design your own custom playground equipment and our commitment to a more sustainable world, they are all pieces of a puzzle that uniquely fit into our playgrounds. 

Premium Materials

Research and Development

Space Customization

Commitment to Sustainability

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The Kubiko Playgrounds Philosophy in Commercial Playground Design

We want to create play areas that bring magic to your business. The spark of innovation and imagination gives life to our children’s playground equipment and, therefore, to your spaces. 

Since our beginnings, the quality and sustainability of materials and the design and manufacturing processes have been our goal. With this in mind, we can turn dream playgrounds into reality, spaces where customer satisfaction and children’s laughter are our most outstanding recognition. 

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